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Metamorphosis Vase Small Bomma
Metamorphosis Vase Small Bomma
Metamorphosis Vase Small Bomma
Metamorphosis Vase Small Bomma

Metamorphosis Vase Small Bomma


Metamorphosis Vase Small by Bomma manages to enhance the properties of the crystal thanks to the particular sharp or rounded geometric processing. The result is a play of shapes that enhances the refractions of the crystal, giving particular depth and consistency to the light that strikes it. Each piece is mouth blown and expertly hand cut by the craftsman who devotes most of the day and all his attention to it.

Available in different colours

Bomma Glass
  • Metamorphosis Clear
  • Metamorphosis Amber
  • Metamorphosis Cigar



The Metamorphosis collection takes its name from the very meaning of the word. The underlying concept is the transformation of crystal into a jewel of light suitable for any context. The hand-blown crystal is then handcrafted with geometric motifs, which enhance its refractive properties.

Bomma is a company originally from a historic region of Bohemia renowned for its traditional glass manufacturing. Its handcrafted glass production blends history and scientific innovation. Their glassworks are in fact among the most advanced structures globally. Original collections for shapes, colors and materials are born, detached from conventional canons to create new ones.

Rony Plesl is an internationally renowned Czech designer. He mainly deals with interior design and his skills are based on the artistic processing of glass. For Bomma he collaborated with the historic Rückl glassworks, which has been involved in high quality crystal workings for more than two centuries.


Ø 18,5 x H 13 cm

Rony Plesl

About Brand


Founded in a historic Bohemian region with a rich tradition of glassmaking, BOMMA rather than simply preserving these techniques, has elevated them to the status of refined artistry. BOMMA's distinctive design style is renowned for evoking a sense of elegance and pleasure. This bold yet minimalist aesthetic has gained recognition in the design world and is highly appreciated by international architects and interior designers. The lighting collections, featuring unconventional materials, striking colors, and cutting-edge technology, showcase a spirit of creativity and innovation. All of BOMMA's crystal lighting pieces are meticulously handcrafted, often pushing the boundaries of what is possible both physically and technically.

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