Pyrite Pendant Lamp 18 Bomma
Pyrite Pendant Lamp 18 Bomma
Pyrite Pendant Lamp 18 Bomma
Pyrite Pendant Lamp 18 Bomma
Pyrite Pendant Lamp 18 Bomma

Pyrite Pendant Lamp 18 Bomma


Pyrite Pendant Lamp 18 by Bomma combines eighteen elements in a single beautiful lighting product, in various combinations of shapes and finishes. Each element is made of mouth-blown crystal, modeled with precision and enclosed on three sides by a sheet of metal and hangs individually from the round canopy.

Prices refer to color combinations and fittings as presented, with white coated canopy and 0/1-10vdc dimmer (other options on request)

The canopy is available in various colours

250 cm cable included

Dimmable 2700K LED

Bomma Finishes
  • Pyrite Silver
  • Pyrite Gold / Silver



Pyrite collection is inspired by the structural perfection of the mineral from which it takes its name. Through an organic compound blown into the crystal inside a cold shape, it is possible to obtain unique shades and geometries, enhanced by thin metal plates.

Bomma is a company originally from a historic region of Bohemia renowned for its traditional glass manufacturing. Its handcrafted glass production blends history and scientific innovation. Their glassworks are in fact among the most advanced structures globally. Original collections for shapes, colors and materials are born, detached from conventional canons to create new ones.

DECHEM studio was founded in Prague in 2012 by Michaela Tomiskova and Jakub Jandourek. The passion for glass matured at the Novy Bor School of Glass is a distinctive trait of the two designers, specialized in the processing, technology and production of this eclectic material.


85 x H form 146 cm

95181/10/bld+trf/850/18/W 1/80/95300/B/00000

About Brand


Founded in a historic Bohemian region with a rich tradition of glassmaking, BOMMA rather than simply preserving these techniques, has elevated them to the status of refined artistry. BOMMA's distinctive design style is renowned for evoking a sense of elegance and pleasure. This bold yet minimalist aesthetic has gained recognition in the design world and is highly appreciated by international architects and interior designers. The lighting collections, featuring unconventional materials, striking colors, and cutting-edge technology, showcase a spirit of creativity and innovation. All of BOMMA's crystal lighting pieces are meticulously handcrafted, often pushing the boundaries of what is possible both physically and technically.

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